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Who We Are

Trevi Art Sculpture is a more than 30 years’ leading fine art stainless steel sculpture manufacturer based in Quyang, China. We provide custom design and fabrication services of stainless steel metal sculpture casting.

And the forms of sculpture can be contemporary modern art abstract sculpture, polished metal sculpture and outdoor garden statue. Jeff koons balloon dog sculpture, james t russell stainless steel abstract sculpture, stainless steel love sculpture and outdoor kinetic wind sculpture is our hot products!

Since commencement, we have worked with artists, sculptors, home and landscape designers and architects, and made lots of successful sculptures and projects for Hotel, Villa, Shopping mall and Real estate at home and aboard. We believe that sculpture is for each and for all and that the right combination of sculptures is capable of completing an environment!


What We Do

We are devoted to making high-quality stainless steel sculptures and statues according to client’s requirements and provide a full range of services including but not limited to:


1. Copyright is protected.
We will sign an agreement that your copyright is protected if you make your artwork of stainless steel sculptures in our factory.

2. Custom Design
As an experienced manufacturer who know the materials and technologies, we can give you the suggestions of design of stainless steel sculpture and recommend your solutions and finish based on your specified budgets. Also, we can offer the drawings and sketches which express the original ideas.

3. Fabrication
We will follow the confirmed details strictly and keep you updated and informed along the way in order to ensure that stainless steel sculpture is completed with high quality.

4. Shipping Arrangement
We have professional shipping agents to give you the suggestions and expenses for reference to help you arrange shipment of stainless steel sculpture

5. Installation
We’ve been to many countries to install the stainless steel sculptures, so our skilled and professional team can install the stainless steel sculpture safely.

Create inspiring sculptures that are visually satisfying and impressive for everyone who engages with your space!

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