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Stainless Steel Abstract Hands Sculpture Garden Decor Supplier CSS-848

Stainless Steel Abstract Hands Sculpture Garden Decor Supplier CSS-848

How shining the stainless steel abstract sculpture is! If you put it in your garden, it would attract more attention to your garden.
Item No: CSS-848
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel Material
Type: Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture
Service: Customized Service
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Metal Abstract Sculpture

This stainless steel abstract sculpture is a mirrored hand sculpture and we see that there is a hand coming together to form the shape of a love heart. Its shape is taken from the popular gestures we commonly see in our daily lives, so it could make us feel very close. The size of this metal hand sculpture is a large garden sculpture and our artist used a high polish finish to give the sculpture a shiny mirror effect. It reflects the surrounding scenery, changing according to the surrounding colors. If you want to add more fun to your garden, then consider this sculpture.

stainless steel abstract sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

More Original Designs of YouFine

YouFine is a professional supplier of stainless steel sculptures that we export to various regions and countries around the world. YouFine has a wide variety of abstract stainless steel garden sculptures, and in addition to the common sculptures on the market, YouFine also has its design team. We are committed to researching new sculpture styles every quarter to provide more choices for our customers. It is worth mentioning that our design team has mastered 3D rendering technology to create realistic sculpture scenes for you. If you have more ideas about sculptures, YouFine could help you realize them too.

abstract metal garden sculptures -YouFine Sculpture

metal hand sculpture -YouFine Sculpture


The Mirror Effect of Stainless Steel Sculpture

YouFine has many different kinds of stainless steel abstract sculptures, including mirror stainless steel sculptures, matte stainless steel sculptures, painted stainless steel sculptures, and so on, each treatment would present a different sculpture effect. More customers like the mirror stainless steel sculpture, so how is the mirror stainless steel sculpture made?

First of all, YouFine has trusted stainless steel welding artists who have decades of experience in the making of sculptures. After the stainless steel pieces are welded and polished, the artists are required to have the patience to highly polish the surface imperfections of the sculpture until the sculpture has a mirror-like shiny effect. Each mirror stainless steel sculpture requires fine polishing to complete.

Large stainless steel sculpture process - YouFine Sculpturestainless steel abstract sculpture -YouFine Sculpture


Shipping Methods

YouFine pays close attention to the safety of the sculptures, as each sculpture we make has a high artistic value. To save our customers’ time and effort, we try our best to avoid after-sales problems for them. First of all, we use the thickest sponge and plastic foam to wrap the sculpture, which would prevent the surface of the stainless steel sculpture from being scratched during shipping. Secondly, we would use a 3cm thick wooden box to pack the sculpture to avoid deformation of the sculpture by direct collision in transportation. In addition, we support many forms of transportation, which you could choose according to your specific needs.

package-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine’s stainless steel sculptures could meet the needs of different aesthetics, please feel free to contact us for more information, YouFine is always ready to serve you.

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