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Large Outdoor Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture

Large Outdoor Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture

This large outdoor stainless steel abstract sculpture made by high quality stainless steel. And it is very attractive with special design.
Item No: SSA-031
The Size: Custom size
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Surface: high Polished
Style: Contemporary modern art
Technique: Welding, Polished
Application: House/Villa/Garden/School/Home
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance

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One-to-one Restoration

This large stainless steel abstract sculpture perfectly restore the original design. Before welding the sculpture, we would forge a 1:1 sculpture skeleton. This metal skeleton is same as the drawing design. If the design is very hard to produce, Trevi would produce a model first to restore it better. And Trevi’s artists would adjust the stainless steel to the right angel. The final visual effect of stainless steel abstract sculpture is very grand and beautiful.

Large Outdoor Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture

Carefully Casting

This outdoor stainless steel abstract sculpture has 6 production steps by Trevi.Trevi produces a large metal frame firstly. This steps would spend long time and give you a solid frame to support the statue. Then, Trevi’s artists would cut the stainless steel pieces and weld them on the metal frame later. Our artists weld the sculpture piece with spot welding.And using steel bar to fill the welding gaps. After the welding is finish, our artist would sand the gaps with brush, and polish the surface with soft tools.


Rust Prevention of the Sculpture

Trevi’s artists work a lot to prevent rust. Trevi uses 304 and 316 stainless steel to produce this large sculpture. These materials have good effect on waterproof and rust prevention. And we use many methods to protect the metal frame from rust. So the service of the sculpture would be longer. After a lot work of rust prevention, the statue would have good resistance of water, sunlight and other natural bad influence.

Thick Package Materials

This stainless steel abstract sculpture packaged by thick foam cotton and solid iron skeleton. The thick foam cotton could protect the surface of the sculpture from any scratch. And Trevi would put the sculpture in the iron skeleton which could keep the statue stable. Trevi would contact professional team to ship the sculpture safe. This methods would protect the sculpture well.

outdoor stainless steel statue

Professional Installation of the Sculpture

You would receive the installation drawing when Trevi ships the product. This installation drawing would help to make a solid foundation. It is the good support of the sculpture. If you want the sculpture standing on the base, the cement base would help you a lot. After receiving the product, artists would weld the sculpture with the base and make it very stable. You could install the marble slab on the base when you want a beautiful outward appearance.

large abstract stainless steel statue

This large outdoor stainless steel abstract sculpture would give a lot of fun to people and be a charming scenery. If you want to buy a stainless steel sculpture, you could contact us in any time.

stainless steel sculpture

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