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Famous Metal Jonathan Prince Sculpture Replica CSS-787

Famous Metal Jonathan Prince Sculpture Replica CSS-787

This amazing Jonathan Prince sculpture is one of Trevi’s latest reproductions of the artist’s work. Many of our clients, including Trevi, love the artist’s sculptural artwork.
Item No: CSS-787
Material: Corten and Stainless Steel Material
Type: Artist Sculpture
Service: Customized Service
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Jonathan Prince’s Sculpture

This Jonathan Prince sculpture is Trevi’s latest metal sculpture. The sculpture is a cube shape, and the most special thing is that the sculpture is made of corten steel outside and stainless steel inside. This is the most beautiful part of Jonathan Prince’s sculpture. Similarly, we have reproduced other abstract metal sculptures of his, including cookie-cutter sculptures, circular sculptures, cylindrical sculptures, etc. Jonathan Prince’s sculptures are based on various incomplete geometric shapes that always reveal part of the cross-section. The exterior and cross-sectional sections are made of a combination of corten steel and stainless steel. This novel and modern metal sculpture attract a lot of attention.


Jonathan Prince sculpture -Trevi sculpture

More Designs of Jonathan Prince Sculptures

Trevi has many beautiful reproductions of artists’ work; we could make almost any artist’s work for you. For this cubic metal artist’s sculpture, we could make everything you want, and we believe Trevi would perfectly restore the essence of the artist’s sculpture. What’s more, if you have a deeper understanding of this artist, you are welcome to come and discuss it with the Trevi team. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best sculptural artwork.

more designs of famous metal sculptures -Trevi sculpture

Design Ability of Trevi

Trevi is a sculpture supplier with outstanding capabilities. Our greatest strength is our strong design capability. First, we have a professional design team, and each designer has professional design ability. Although they have mastered many professional design skills, each designer constantly learns new knowledge and updates their design skills.

Trevi would always focus on the client’s needs, and our designers could give you design drawings based on your ideas or place your favorite sculptures in certain scenes through 3D rendering. This way, the customer could visually experience the decorative effect of the statue.

design ability of us-Trevi Sculpture

High-quality Steel Material

Trevi is a responsible sculpture supplier; we always use the best materials for our sculptures. In the case of this modern artist sculpture, Trevi uses the highest quality corten and stainless steel material, which together create a contrast and add a more artistic feel. We guarantee that the materials we use would make the sculptures water and corrosion-resistant and that they would maintain their original appearance even if left outdoors for a long time.

material-Trevi Sculpture

If you like any of the artist’s sculptures, please get in touch with us for more information. Trevi would provide you with comprehensive services and beautiful sculptures.

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