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Large Mirror Like Metal Circle Sculpture Modern Design Manufacturer CSS-829

Large Mirror Like Metal Circle Sculpture Modern Design Manufacturer CSS-829

This metal circle sculpture is the latest abstract design sculpture made by the factory for customers. It is suitable to be placed in the garden or other outdoor as decoration. Please contact us for more information.
Item No: CSS-829
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel Material
Type: Mirror Like Abstract Sculpture
Service: Customized Service
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Metal Circle Sculpture

This metal circle sculpture is an abstract stainless steel modern sculpture. Its shape is a large Möbius-like circle, which is characterized by the fact that it has no beginning and no end, representing an endless cycle. This circle sculpture symbolizes eternity, and different people have different interpretations of this metal circle sculpture. What’s more, the surface of this sculpture adopts a mirror finish effect, which looks very shiny. If you are interested in this metal sculpture, Trevi would customize your beautiful sculpture.

metal circle sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

The Use of 304 And 316 Stainless Steel Materials

Trevi is a professional stainless steel sculpture supplier, we always use the best quality stainless steel materials, including 304 and 316 stainless steel materials. These two materials have a lot of advantages in making sculptures. On the one hand, they have good processing properties, so they could adapt to a wide range of processing requirements for stainless steel plates for sculpture making. On the other hand, the stainless steel material used by Trevi has good resistance to heat and corrosion and could adapt to almost any outdoor environment, so the sculpture could be placed outdoors for a long time. Most importantly, sculptures made of this material are easy to clean and maintain, making them the best choice for many modern sculptures.

304and316-Trevi Sculpture

The Making of Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture

Trevi is experienced in making stainless steel sculptures, and our top masters specialize in a wide range of stainless steel weld techniques, resulting in beautiful sculptures. First, our artists cut the required stainless steel sheets, then weld them together according to the skeleton. Then our artists would carefully polish the weld joints to make the surface weld marks disappear and make the sculpture look more like a whole. Finally, the factory artists would carefully polish and polish the sculpture to give it a perfect mirror effect that could reflect all the surrounding scenery.

weld process-Trevi Sculpture

Customized Services for Large Abstract Metal Sculptures

Trevi is a professional supplier of stainless steel sculptures, and our specialty is to provide professional customization services to our customers. On the one hand, we have a team of professional designers who could meet all your design needs. You could choose the size, shape, color, and styling of your sculpture by yourself. On the other hand, we are a sculpture supplier with rich experience, we have made countless abstract stainless steel sculptures for our customers, if you want to know more beautiful stainless steel sculptures, we would show you more sculpture pictures and cases. In short, we believe you could find the right stainless steel sculpture for you in Trevi.

large abstract metal sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

Trevi is a trustworthy sculpture supplier, we could not only provide you with high-quality metal sculptures but also provide you with comprehensive services. Please feel free to contact us for more information, our team is always ready to serve you.

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