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Mirror Polished Abstract Stainless Steel Sculpture Modern Design CSS-806

Mirror Polished Abstract Stainless Steel Sculpture Modern Design CSS-806

This modern design stainless steel growth sculpture is the original design work of our factory. This sculpture is very popular, if you are interested in this sculpture, please contact us to order.

Item No: CSS-806
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel Material
Type: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture
Service: Customized Service
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture

This modern stainless steel growth sculpture is a hot-selling sculpture from the top artist at Trevi Factory, we have custom-made this mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture for many customers. The shape of this sculpture is an upward-growing form, giving it a vibrant appearance. Its curved shape also looks like a flying ribbon, in short, different people may see different shapes and get different artistic experiences. Our factory is very good at making this stainless steel growing sculpture, you could order it as a landscape for outdoor places such as a courtyard or hotel.

modern stainless steel sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

High-Quality Stainless Steel Raw Material

This stainless steel sculpture is made of high-quality stainless steel material, common ones are 304 and 316 stainless steel. We use these two stainless steel materials to ensure the quality of the sculpture as well as to weld the most exquisite sculpture works. These two kinds of stainless steel have great advantages in the production of metal sculptures. On the one hand, they are resistant to air corrosion and high temperature, and would not rust easily even if left outdoors for a long time. On the other hand, this material has good processing resistance and is suitable for shaping a variety of sculpture shapes.

high-quality stainless steel-Trevi Sculpture

Mirror Polished Finish

This stainless steel modern sculpture with mirror finish is made by our top masters through a series of the production process. First, they need to cut out the required pieces of steel and then weld them together. The sculpture was then polished to clean the weld marks on the surface of the formed sculpture. Finally, after a high polish, the sculpture would have a shiny mirror finish, looking as bright as a mirror. This abstract stainless steel sculpture could reflect all the surrounding scenery and is a beautiful sculpture.

abstract stainless steel sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

More Options for Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture

This stainless steel sculpture is an original work of our factory. In addition to this popular growth sculpture, we have made many other shapes of mirror-polished modern stainless steel sculptures. For example, a life-size Pegasus sculpture, an abstract turtle sculpture, and a classic ballerina sculpture. Besides, we could also make other types and effects of stainless steel sculptures, so if you have any needs, please let our team know and we would give you a reasonable plan for your reference.

mirror polished stainless steel sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

Trevi is a professional sculpture supplier, our sculptures are exported all over the world and have been widely praised. Please feel free to contact us to order.

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