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Dynamic Metal Whirling Dervish Statue Replicas Supplier CSS-790

Dynamic Metal Whirling Dervish Statue Replicas Supplier CSS-790

The metal whirling dervish statue is an installation work of famous artist Lyle London. It uses the complex geometry of a whirlwind. If you are interested in it, we could make a replica for you.
Item No: CSS-790
Size: Customized Size
About: Modern Metal Sculpture
Type: Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture
Material: Super 304 stainless steel
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Dervish Statue Details

The whirling dervish statue is a famous work created by Arizona artist Lyle London and was installed outside the Pathfinder Building on the Laramie County Community College campus in Wyoming, USA. This metal sculpture was created in the shape of the complex vortex whirling and using a 1/4″ steel plate cut from 100 computer cut steel plates. The negative space between the plates creates a constantly changing mass when viewing the piece from different angles. We could reproduce the same sculpture for you if you like it.

Dynamic Metal Whirling Dervish Statue Replicas Supplier CSS-790_副本


About Artist Lyle London

Lyle London is an artist and also a sculptor. Over the last few years, he has developed a series of works. His work is inspired by the natural world, in particular the spiral geometry and spiral topology that are common in nature. These forms are found everywhere in nature and his work mimics the growth of natural organisms. Examples include the growth of plants, DNA/RNA spirals, marine life, and the evolution of spiral galaxies, among many other structures observed in natural phenomena. Through these spiral sculptures, the viewer could feel the power of nature. It is a constant upward and irresistible force. His sculptures are therefore often used to decorate public places and buildings.

Lyle London sculpture -Trevi Sculpture


Advantages of Making Stainless Steel Sculpture

Due to their spiral structure, these sculptures are difficult to produce. However, our factory has sophisticated forging and welding techniques and our top masters could handle this complex process with ease and produce sculptures that are 100% reproducible. Our artists specialize in their field of work and each of them is dedicated to their type of work. In addition, our stainless steel sculptures are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel. This material is resistant to air, steam, acids, and alkalis as well as corrosion. The sculptures made from stainless steel material are simple and generous, with a more pronounced sense of integrity. What’s more, it has good processing properties and could be produced in a variety of complex forms according to demand.

304 stainless steel-Trevi Sculpture


Customized Service

One of the strengths of our factory is our ability to offer comprehensive customization service to our customers. On the one hand, we have a professional design team to develop new products. Several of the products designed by our factory have received patent certification. Many stainless steel sculpture designs have been widely welcomed by our customers. If you have a design you like, our team could help you achieve it too. On the other hand, our sculptures support a choice of colors, sizes, and materials. We could meet any customer’s needs.

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Finally, we are a direct factory so we could give you a most favorable price. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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