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Abstract Stainless Steel White Rabbit Sculpture Manufacturer CSS-648

Abstract Stainless Steel White Rabbit Sculpture Manufacturer CSS-648

The lovely white rabbit sculpture would touch many people’s innocence or girlish heart, and bring people into the fantasy world of fairy tales. If you are interested in this rabbit sculpture, please feel free to contact us.
Item No: CSS-648
Insurance: Cover All Risks
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel
Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School

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White Rabbit Sculpture Introduction:

This White Rabbit Sculpture is huge in size and stands out in the outdoors. And its color is white, which is suitable for the decoration of various scenes. The abstract white rabbit standing quietly on the lawn could arouse the girlish and childlike innocence of many people. The rounded body structure design makes this sculpture look very cute, and it looks like soft cotton candy.

white rabbit sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


Surface Treatment Options:

The surface of this White Rabbit Sculpture is painted white with car paint, so it won’t fade easily. There are also very beautiful colors. In addition to white, we support color customization, pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, or other colors that match your venue’s dress could be customized. In addition, we also support a variety of other surface treatment options. Such as matte, brushed, high polished, spray, coating plating, etc.

Abstract Stainless Steel White Rabbit Sculpture Manufacturer CSS-648


More Designs:

We have many more designs for cute cartoon sculptures like this White Rabbit Sculpture. For example, a bear holding a balloon, a rabbit stepping on the clouds and flying into the sky, a cute polished mushroom sculpture, a baby elephant lying on a silver-white ball, a yellow giraffe, and a cat sitting on the ground listening to music. We could design the most suitable and beautiful sculpture for you according to your location. Size, color, and material could all be customized.

metal rabbit sculpture- YouFine Sculpture


In addition to cartoon sculpture designs, we also have more animal sculptures with different designs for you to choose from. Such as giraffe sculpture, cat sculpture, bear sculpture, deer sculpture, squirrel sculpture, and so on. And we also have a variety of surface coloring styles such as solid color and color. Whatever your needs, we would do our best to meet your expectations.

stainless steel rabbit sculpture- YouFine Sculpture


If you want to create beautiful outdoor scenery, choose Trevi. We would be your most suitable partner and provide you with the best quality outdoor metal art sculptures for you to choose from.

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