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Geometric White Bear Stainless Steel Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale CSS-736

Geometric White Bear Stainless Steel Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale CSS-736

The geometric bear with a yellow ball is a modern stainless steel sculpture. This is a lovely and funny sculpture, I believe everyone would like this sculpture. If you want to buy it, please contact us for details.
Item No: CSS-736
Size: Large Size
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Service: Customized Service
Support material: 304 Stainless Steel
Type: Abstract Stainless Steel Sculpture
Material: Metal, Stainless Steel, Resin, FRP

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Product Introduction

This geometric bear stainless steel statue is a modern-style stainless steel statue. A tall white bear is standing on the grass with its hands behind its back, and the most amazing thing is that its palms are slapping a yellow ball. The color of this white bear sculpture is pure white, and the ball is yellow. These two colors are full of vitality. The design of this stainless steel sculpture comes from geometric figures. The body of the bear is composed of countless geometric squares, which makes its shape look more three-dimensional. The overall look of the sculpture is lovely and vivid, attracting many customers to come to order. If you like this stainless steel bear sculpture, welcome to inquire.

 Geometric White Bear Stainless Steel Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale CSS-736


The Popularity of Geometric Sculpture

Geometric elements are very popular in contemporary design. Various geometric sculptures are popular because of their unique and novel shapes, among which geometric animal sculptures are the most common. Three-dimensional geometric sculptures are also commonly referred to as faceted sculptures and this kind of sculpture could be said to be very popular in modern sculpture art. Generally speaking, the geometric sculpture could give people a simple and direct feeling, and it is simpler and easier to operate than the irregular sculpture in production. The geometric sculpture is also an indispensable part of the public environment in our daily life.

metal bear sculpture -Trevi Sculpture




High-quality Making Materials

It is worth mentioning that our stainless steel sculptures are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. This material is commonly used in large stainless steel sculptures. It has the advantages of corrosion and heat resistance, so it is suitable for placing in various outdoor natural environments. What’s more, our factory uses high-quality car paint. This kind of paint is not easy to fade and the color is bright, which could make the sculpture keep its lasting beauty.

Geometric bear sculpture -Trevi Sculpture



Hand-made Service

The reason more and more customers choose our factory is that we could provide customized services. If you buy sculptures from our factory, we could provide you with a wide range of choices, including size, design style, color, etc. If you do not see what you’re looking for, or if you simply want to submit your own inspiration photo or architectural shop drawings we could bring your dreams to reality regardless of the scope of the project. In the process of serving our customers, we would patiently communicate with them until we are sure of the style you want.

metal bear sculpture -Trevi SculptureGeometric bear sculpture -Trevi Sculpture


We are a direct factory and we would give you a preferential price, if you like it, please contact us for more information. We are ready to serve you at any time.

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