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Large Corten Steel Water Fountain Garden Feature for Sale CSS-300

Large Corten Steel Water Fountain Garden Feature for Sale CSS-300

The corten steel water fountain is on hot sale in Trevi factory. It could be cast from corten steel and stainless steel by our artists. Please get in touch with us for more information if you like it.
Item No: CSS-300
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel Material
Type: Corten Steel Water Fountain
Service: Customized Service
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Corten Steel Water Fountain

This corten steel water fountain is a classic sculpture by Trevi. The sculpture is in the shape of an inverted number “6”, which also resembles the shape of a phonetic symbol in English. The most unique thing is that this corten steel garden feature is very versatile, in addition to being a garden feature, it could also be used as a water fountain. Although its shape is very simple, it has a professional water circulation system and could be placed in the pool to add more dynamic and fun. If you like this beautiful corten steel garden feature, please contact us to order.

corten steel water fountain -Trevi Sculpturecorten steel fountain -Trevi Sculpture

Advantages of Corten Steel Material

Corten steel is different from the common stainless steel material but is a low alloy steel detail between ordinary steel and stainless steel. But this material has greater advantages than stainless steel material, and we often see corten steel in the garden landscape. Corten steel has excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, preventing the penetration of oxygen and water from the atmosphere to the inside of the steel plate. In addition, corten steel material could be free from painting, which greatly avoids or reduces post maintenance and cleaning. What’s more, corten steel material would change with time and its color brightness and saturation would become more and more natural, so it could keep a good aesthetic appearance.

corten steel garden feature -Trevi Sculpture

The Process of Making Corten Steel Fountain

This corten steel fountain was made by Trevi’s senior artists, who have over a decade of experience in making stainless steel and corten steel sculptures. First, our workers cut the corten steel material and stainless steel material into pieces as needed. Then our top masters weld these stainless steel pieces into the basic sculpture shape. Finally, our professional polishers would polish the weld marks on the surface of the sculpture until the surface of the sculpture has a mirror-like effect. It should be noted that the weathering steel does not need to be polished and polished, we only need to retain its original surface effect to be welded.

corten steel water feature -Trevi Sculpture

More Choices for Corten Steel Water Features

This corten steel water feature has a variety of options, you could choose stainless steel or corten steel to make this fountain water feature. More, we are an innovative team and we also have a team of professional designers to provide sophisticated design techniques. So every year we design many new water fountains for customers to choose from. If you like this series of metal fountain water features, we would provide you with more drawings and videos. In addition, you could freely choose the design, color, material, and size of the fountain sculpture. Trevi could meet all the needs of customers.

corten steel garden features -Trevi Sculpture

Trevi is a trustworthy metal sculpture supplier, if you want to buy a sculpture garden feature with good quality and beautiful shape, Trevi is your best choice.


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