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Large Mirror Stainless Steel Figure Sculpture for Sale CSS-683

Large Mirror Stainless Steel Figure Sculpture for Sale CSS-683

The figure sculpture is called “Broken But Together”, one of the representatives works by Michael Benisty. It is made of 304 stainless steel with highly polished. If you like it, you could contact Trevi for more details.
Item No: CSS-683
Size: Large Size
Type: Stainless Steel Sculpture
Material: Super shiny stainless steel
Service: Customize Service
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Applications: Park, Beach, Seaside, Square, etc.

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Sculpture Introduction

The stainless steel figure sculpture is the work of multidisciplinary artist Michael Benisty. He is known for his otherworldly sculptures, whose works put nature, the human form, and mysticism together.

The Broken But Together polished steel sculpture is just like its name. Against the backdrop of the quiet beach and the vast sky, the hands of the two abstract figures clasped tightly and looked at each other. The mirrored exterior reflects everything around it, creating an artistic atmosphere. It adds more beauty to the ordinary scenery. This figure sculpture symbolizes that two lives support and care about each other in a long life. If you are interested in this meaningful sculpture, you could buy it from Trevi.

Large Mirror Stainless Steel Figure Sculpture for Sale CSS-683     

Other Works in the Same Series

“Broken But Together” is the continuation of “In Every Lifetime I Will Find You,” which was presented at Burning Man. Similarly, the figure sculpture “In Every Lifetime I Will Find You” clearly defines the power of love. What’s more, there are also other shapes of stainless steel sculptures by Michael Benisty for sale. For example, RISE, Sacred Grounds, Agaue, and Equal.

These sculptures are all made of stainless steel blocks, Trevi usually uses advanced type 304 metal materials. And the surface is mirror polished so they look very beautiful. Many customers buy this kind of sculpture for decor.

Other works in the Same Series-Trevi Sculpture



Advantages of Making Stainless Steel Sculptures

Trevi could guarantee the quality of the sculpture, usually, we use high-quality stainless steel material. The advantage of stainless steel is that the material is strong and not easy to rust. Most importantly, polished stainless steel sculptures by top masters are easy to clean. So it could be used in any environment.

In addition, the polished stainless steel surface is very shiny, so if placed under the vast sky, it could reflect all the surrounding scenery. Such a sculpture would be a beautiful visual feast.

Advantages of Making Sculptures-Trevi Sculpture

Advantages of Making Stainless Steel Sculptures-Trevi Sculpture

Of course, if you want to add color to the stainless steel sculpture, our masters could meet your requirements. Our factory sprays the sculpture with car paint, which is not easy to fade and the color is bright. The sculpture after spraying the paint will bring you unexpected results. Therefore, Trevi’s stainless steel sculptures have become the common choice of many customers.

Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel Sculpture-Trevi Sculpture


Export Experiences

Trevi has nearly 40 years of experience in exporting sculptures, so we know all about exporting needs. First of all, our customers are from all over the world. Therefore, we will help customers to inquire about the charges in their location and inform the customer in advance in order to save time for customers to query information. Secondly, our professional team will choose the most space-saving packaging method for delivery to customers, which could also save customers some costs. Finally, after the customer receives the goods, our after-sales service will also solve the problem for you online. Therefore, customers who buy sculptures at Trevi are satisfied with Trevi’s services. Come and contact us if you want to buy the sculpture.

Packing of Us-Trevi Sculpture

Shipping Methods-Trevi Sculpture

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