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Modern White Stainless Steel Fat Rabbit Sculpture City Decor Supplier CSS-648

Modern White Stainless Steel Fat Rabbit Sculpture City Decor Supplier CSS-648

The stainless steel rabbit sculpture is a large and cute decoration for a lawn or square. Many customers put this fat rabbit in many outdoor places. If you are interested in it, please contact us for details.
Item No: CSS-648
Size: Customized Size
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case
About: Modern Metal Sculpture
Applications: Park, City, Street, etc.
Material: Super shiny stainless steel
Type: Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture

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Fat Rabbit Introduction

The stainless steel rabbit sculpture is a hot-sale shape because of its cute appearance. The sculpture is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the whole rabbit’s body is chubby and looks very funny. It has a round belly and long ears, much like the rabbit dolls sold in toy stores, giving people a feeling of wanting to get close to it. According to our customers’ feedback, the large fat rabbit sculpture is so popular that people passing by couldn’t help but hug this lovely sculpture!

Modern White Stainless Steel Fat Rabbit Sculpture City Decor Supplier CSS-648




Process Flow

Our stainless steel sculptures are made through a very strict process. Our top masters are very professional, and the characteristic of our factory is that each process would be handled by the corresponding professional master. This white fat rabbit sculpture first needs to make a large metal skeleton, it is worth mentioning that our factory to make the skeleton and iron frame would be specially done to prevent rust and reinforcement treatment, which is the reason why the finished metal sculpture we make are very strong. Secondly, our welders would weld the stainless steel plate to the skeleton by a combination of spot welding and full welding. Finally, during the polishing process, our artists would polish the welded areas very carefully, so that the surface of the sculpture has no welding traces. The final sculpture would be very smooth, and the curvature is natural as a whole. In a word, our professionalism in making metal sculptures is very strong and has been well received by our customers.

 Weld Process-Trevi Sculpture




Customized Service

This large stainless steel rabbit sculpture is large in size and is usually installed in large plazas and open lawns. Of course, if you want to put this sculpture in your own garden or indoor environment such as a shopping mall, we could also change or customize the size and color of the sculpture according to your requirements. What’s more, our sculpture shape could also be customized according to your needs. Our factory has nearly 40 years of experience in making stainless steel rabbit sculptures of various shapes and other styles of metal sculptures. In addition, we also have a variety of geometric animal sculptures and mirrored animal sculptures for your reference. You would be able to choose any sculpture you like in our factory.

metal rabbit sculpture -Trevi Sculpturestainless steel rabbit sculpture -Trevi Sculpture




About Us

We are a professional sculpture-making factory, our sculptures are exported all over the world every year, and we have gained a lot of recognition from our customers. We could not only provide you with high-quality sculptures but also give you the best service. If you come to buy sculptures from us, we would also apply a discount for you.

Our factory welcomes you and our team is ready to serve you. If you have any needs, please contact us for more information.

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