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Abstract Geometric Corten Steel Gorilla Sculpture City Design Supplier CSS-783

Abstract Geometric Corten Steel Gorilla Sculpture City Design Supplier CSS-783

This metal gorilla sculpture is made of the new steel material. The corten steel sculptures are very popular as modern decoration. You could buy one for your garden or outdoor places.
Item No: CSS-783
Size: Customized Size
About: Modern Metal Sculpture
Type: Modern Corten Steel Sculpture
Material: Super corten steel
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Corten Steel Gorilla Sculpture Introduction

The metal gorilla sculpture is a famous work of the sculpture artist Dale Rogers. He is a metal sculptor from Massachusetts. This geometric corten steel gorilla sculpture is one of his public exhibits. It is an abstract geometric gorilla with a simple but instantly recognizable form. The gorilla is large and exquisitely crafted. More than anything else, the use of corten steel allows the sculpture to look more natural and close to its original state. The original sculpture has attracted a great deal of attention and popularity since it was exhibited.

Abstract Geometric Corten Steel Gorilla Sculpture City Design Supplier CSS-783


The Advantages of Corten Steel

The corten steel material, which appears to be covered in rust, is often found in modern sculptures. It presents an industrial as well as a modern artistic style, and its colors and textures are very strong. Especially when placed in lively neighborhoods, the cold appearance of the sculpture blends in with its surroundings, giving it an industrial and modern artistic beauty. A special feature of this material is that when exposed to the outdoor over a long period, the surface of the sculpture automatically forms a protective layer against corrosion. It is worth noting that its exterior does not require paint protection, but the material has a life expectancy of over 80 years. This corten steel with its rusty appearance is very durable. This is why modern metal sculptures are increasingly made of weathering steel.

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Advantages of Our Corten Steel Sculptures

Our factory export sculptures all over the world and are widely appreciated by our customers. Firstly, we use high-quality corten steel to ensure that the sculptures remain stable during processing. As a result, our corten steel sculptures are produced with exquisite detail. In addition, our welding top masters have extensive experience in welding sculptures with complex geometric designs. In short, our sculptures are not only of high quality but also exquisite.

Metal gorilla sculpture -Trevi Sculpture


Customized Service

This original artwork of the gorilla sculpture has been very well received. Many customers have already customized this sculpture in our factory and have sent us feedback and positive comments. It is worth mentioning that we work with many world-renowned sculptors and we welcome customers to provide us with their preferred design for a classic sculpture. Our factory has the expertise to ensure that we could reproduce the perfect piece for you. What’s more, we also have metal animal sculptures in many materials and various styles of metal sculptures. We support all customization requirements of our customers.

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If you are interested in one of our metal sculptures, please contact us for prices and further details, Trevi would provide you with excellent service and high-quality sculptures, and look forward to your purchase.

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