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Abstract Stainless Steel Ballerina Sculpture Art Decor Supplier CSS-453

Abstract Stainless Steel Ballerina Sculpture Art Decor Supplier CSS-453

This ballerina stainless steel sculpture is a modern abstract work of art. Its exterior shines like a mirror, making it pleasing to the eyes. If you buy one of these sculptures to decorate your home, it would definitely add an artistic feeling to your house.
Item No: CSS-453
Size: Customized Size
Type: Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture
Material: Super stainless steel
Technology: Mirror Polished
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Statue Introduction:

This ballerina sculpture adopts an abstract design style. We have done ballerinas in many styles. Among them, this abstract style sculpture is one of the most popular. The dancer is making a ballet move. Her head was raised high, one leg was opened up and back, and both arms were stretched back easily. Such a movement is especially common in ballet. What makes it different is that the sculpture is designed in an abstract style, which draws attention to the dancer’s standard dance posture, rather than her clothing or face. The stainless steel material could also represent the confident and shiny characteristics of ballet dancers.

Abstract Stainless Steel Ballerina Sculpture Art Decor Supplier CSS-453


The Value of This Ballerina Sculpture:

This is a recent hot selling stainless steel sculpture in our factory. Many people love the design of this sculpture. From the perspective of its artistic value, it is slightly different from the common ballet dancers, and its biggest feature is its simplicity and abstraction. If you pay attention to art regularly, you would find that with the rapid update of modern art, artists are gradually turning to the simple and simple style of creation. Many famous modern sculpture works are created with the theme of tiny individuals in life. And this stainless steel ballet dancer just integrates the beauty of ballet and abstract style, which is a good choice for most customers to buy decorative art.

Metal ballerina sculpture -Trevi Sculpture


Professional Mirror Polishing

Our top masters applied professional mirror polishing techniques to give this ballerina sculpture a very smooth and shiny finish. The process of mirror polishing requires a combination of hand and machine, and also requires enough patience to achieve a very beautiful effect. In the first step, our master first uses a grinding wheel to polish the rough surface to remove the uneven surface. In the second step, based on the first step, they need further fine polishing to remove the wear marks. After this process, the surface of the sculpture would be gradually flat and smooth. Finally, our master needs to carefully handle the solder joints to achieve the ideal brightness and mirror effect. The completion of these processes is inseparable from our professional polishing masters. Already many customers have complimented our sculptures after receiving the goods.

ballerina sculpture -Trevi Sculpture

Advantages of Us:

Generally, the stainless steel models suitable for sculpture creation are around 304 and 316. Our factory often uses high-quality 304 stainless steel material. This kind of stainless steel has a brightness close to a mirror surface, a tough touch, and is in line with the aesthetics of the environment of the times, and is widely used in modern sculpture creation. What’s more, our masters have a professional stainless steel forging process. According to the different needs of customers, they would make the frosted effect and mirror stainless steel sculpture effect by controlling the degree of polishing.

ballerina sculpture -Trevi Sculpture



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